Homepage for Zeeland Little League, which is a baseball and softball organization for 8-14 year olds living in the Zeeland, Michigan area. Find information about the league along with rosters, schedules, and other events here.

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All AA Baseball, AAA Baseball and Minors Softball teams are entered into a post-season tournament that starts the week of June 20. The tournament is single-elimination, however all teams are guaranteed at least 2 games. That means that if you lose a game, you will not be able to make the championship, but will get at least one more consolation game. 

All rules that were used in the regular season still apply for this tournament! While coaches did a great job in balancing playing time and giving players equal opportunities in the regular season, coaches only have to meet the minimum play requirements during the tournament (play 6 outs in the field at any position). Coaches may put players in the field in positions that the excelled at the most and not move them around as much as the regular season. The teams that make the championship game will be recognized on the field in a medal ceremony immediately following the game!

Below are the Brackets which detail the scheduling of the tournament. At the end of the week, when teams have played their final regular season games, we will use the final standings to "seed" teams. The 1st place team will be "Seed 1", 2nd place "Seed 2", and so on:



The AAA American League tournament starts with Seed 1 playing Seed 8 and Seed 2 playing Seed 7 on Monday. On Tuesday, Seed 4 plays Seed 5 and Seed 3 plays Seed 6. The losing teams of those games will play against each other on Wednesday. The winners Mondays and Tuesdays games play on Thursday in the Semi-Final. The winners of Thursdays games play in the Championship on Friday.


The AA League tournament starts with Seed 3 playing Seed 6 and Seed 4 playing Seed 5 on Monday. The winners of those games will play against Seed 1 or Seed 2 on Tuesday. The winners of Tuesdays games play in the championship game on Friday. The teams that lose on Monday and Tuesday will play in a consolation game on Thursday.


The Minors Tournament starts with Seed 4 playing Seed 5 on Monday. The winner of that game plays Seed 1, and Seed 2 plays Seed 3 on Tuesday. The winners of the Tuesday games play in the Championship on Thursday. The loser of the Seed 4 vs Seed 5 game play the loser of the Seed 2 vs Seed 3 game on Wednesday. The winner of the Wednesday game plays the loser of the Seed 1 vs. Seed 4/5 game on Thursday.



Seed AAA AA Minors