Homepage for Zeeland Little League, which is a baseball and softball organization for 8-14 year olds living in the Zeeland, Michigan area. Find information about the league along with rosters, schedules, and other events here.

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When do I need to use this policy?

  • If you know you will have less than 9 players in attendance for your game.

How do I look up Eligible Subs?

  1. Look at the MASTER SCHEDULE on the day of your game that you need a sub.
  2. See if there are any teams in your divisions that are not playing that day.
    1. If all the teams in your division are playing that day, look for teams in the next division down: 

            BASEBALL: Majors -> AAA -> AA -> A

            SOFTBALL: Majors -> Minors

  1. Open the SUB PLAYER SPREADSHEET. Note: There are tabs at the bottom to view the different divisions.
  2. Starting at the top of the spreadsheet, look for players based on teams that are NOT playing the day you need a sub.

How do I contact them and how many can I ask to sub?

  1. If you need a sub(s) in 48 hours or less, send a mass text/email to the top 5-10 players that are eligible based on the above steps.
    1. In the text/email, say what team you are with, when/where your game is, that you are looking for a sub, and the first player to respond will get to be the sub.
      1. Update the above language if you need more than 1 sub.
  2. If your game is more than 48 hours away, reach out one at a time to eligible players based on the above steps.
    1. If you don’t hear back in a reasonable amount of time, or they decline, ask the next eligible player on the list.

I secured a sub(s), now what?

  1. Once you have secured a sub, email the players name to: and let us know which game they are subbing for.
    1. We will update the list to put that player(s) at the bottom.
  2. The sub(s) must hit last in the lineup and may NOT pitch

What if I still have 8 or less players at a game?

  • We are NOT interested in cancelling games because of number of players. If you have 8 or less players, your opponent can add the last hitter due to hit that inning into the field to play outfield for your team. If during that inning, the player is coming up to hit, swap him/her out with another player that already hit that inning.
  • Use your best judgement to keep the games going so kids are playing!

Can I get help from ZLL in looking for subs?

  • YES! Contact ZLLPresident@gmail.com with what you need and we will help you. It works better if the coach controls the communication to get a sub, but we are more than willing to help with that!