Homepage for Zeeland Little League, which is a baseball and softball organization for 8-14 year olds living in the Zeeland, Michigan area. Find information about the league along with rosters, schedules, and other events here.

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 Mon 06/17/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
AWAY GAME, AT OPPONENT 6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Rangers D9 Tournament Game Rockford E Rock MS #2  BL 
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Angels D9 Tournament Game Grandville Grandville #2   
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>50/70> Dodgers D9 Tournament Game Grandville Grandville #4  BS 
6:00p 7:45p  >Softball>Majors> Scrap Yard Dawgs D9 Tournament Game Holland Holland Maplewood #2  MF 
7:30p 9:15p  >Baseball>Majors> Royals D9 Tournament Game Georgetown Georgetown #11   
Drenthe Grove 6:00p 7:45p SL, MC >Softball>Majors> Sunbirds D9 Tournament Game Holland Drenthe Grove   
Macatawa Bank Field 5:30p 7:15p PL >Baseball>AAA National League> Braves Game Mets   MV 
7:30p 9:15p DD, BS >Baseball>AA National League> Diamondbacks Game Brewers    
Request Foods Field 5:30p 7:15p CW, CD >Baseball>AAA National League> Padres Game Pirates    
7:30p 9:15p NO, CS >Baseball>AA American League> Astros Game Royals    
Sara Lee Field 5:30p 7:15p TD, SD >Baseball>Majors> Yankees D9 Tournament Game Allendale   MB 
7:30p 9:15p EM, SD >Baseball>Majors> Astros D9 Tournament Game Western    
Zeeland Christian 6:00p 7:45p AJ, NW >Baseball>50/70> Cardinals D9 Tournament Game Byron Township Zeeland Christian   
 Tue 06/18/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Allendale MS BB 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball>Juniors> BB J A 1 Game Astros   MH 
AWAY GAME, AT OPPONENT 6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> White Sox D9 Tournament Game Rockford E Rock MS #1  NB 
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Athletics D9 Tournament Game Northwestern Northwestern #2  BL 
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Blue Jays D9 Tournament Game Holland Holland Maplewood   
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>50/70> Cubs D9 Tournament Game Georgetown Georgetown #8  CS 
6:00p 7:45p  >Softball>Majors> Scrap Yard Dawgs D9 Tournament Game Algoma Algoma Sports Park #1  MF 
6:30p 8:15p  >Baseball>50/70> Cardinals D9 Tournament Game Lowell Lowell Rec Park   
Drenthe Grove 6:00p 7:45p  >Softball>Majors> Sunbirds D9 Tournament Game Western    
Legends Field 6:30p 8:00p  >Baseball>Juniors> Tigers Practice    KK 
Macatawa Bank Field 5:30p 7:15p CW >Baseball>AAA National League> Pirates AAA Tournament Game Nationals Karl Elzinga Tournament Game 1  BL 
7:30p 9:15p DD >Baseball>AA National League> Rockies Game Giants    
Request Foods Field 5:30p 7:15p BV, CD >Baseball>AAA American League> Rays Game Twins    
7:30p 9:15p PL >Baseball>AAA National League> Phillies AAA Tournament Game Padres Karl Elzinga Tournament Game 2   
Sara Lee Field 5:30p 7:15p CH, TB >Baseball>Majors> Orioles D9 Tournament Game Allendale    
7:30p 9:15p CH, JB >Baseball>Majors> Tigers D9 Tournament Game Allendale   SM 
 Wed 06/19/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
AWAY GAME, AT OPPONENT 5:30p 7:15p  >Baseball>Majors> Yankees D9 Tournament Game Southern Southern East  MB 
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Royals D9 Tournament Game Byron Township Byron Township Whis'stop   
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Tigers D9 Tournament Game Holland Holland Maplewood  SM 
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>50/70> Dodgers D9 Tournament Game Western Western Central Park (Walker City Central Park)  BS 
7:30p 9:15p  >Baseball>Majors> Astros D9 Tournament Game Pinery Park Pinery Park #2   
Drenthe Grove 6:30p 8:15p SL, MC >Softball>Majors> Scrap Yard Dawgs D9 Tournament Game Sparta   MF 
Macatawa Bank Field 5:30p 7:15p CW, AJ >Baseball>AAA American League> Rays AAA Tournament Game Indians Karl Elzinga Tournament Game 1   
7:30p 9:15p DD >Baseball>AA National League> Reds Game Diamondbacks    
Request Foods Field 5:30p 7:15p PL, BV >Baseball>AAA American League> Mariners AAA Tournament Game Twins Karl Elzinga Tournament Game 2  BL 
7:30p 9:15p CL, BV >Baseball>AA American League> Tigers Game Astros    
Sara Lee Field 6:00p 7:45p BL >Baseball>Majors> Rangers D9 Tournament Game Georgetown   JO 
Zeeland, Woodbridge Elementary Ce 6:00p 7:30p  >Baseball>AAA American League> Red Sox Practice    KS 
Zeeland Christian 6:00p 7:45p SD >Baseball>50/70> Cubs D9 Tournament Game Caledonia   CS 
 Thu 06/20/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
AWAY GAME, AT OPPONENT 6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Astros D9 Tournament Game Algoma Algoma Sports Park   
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Tigers D9 Tournament Game Northern LL Northern Rivers  SM 
6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>50/70> Cubs D9 Tournament Game Georgetown Georgetown #8  CS 
6:00p 7:45p  >Softball>Majors> Scrap Yard Dawgs D9 Tournament Game Byron Township Byron Township Whis'stop  MF 
Macatawa Bank Field 5:30p 7:15p CW >Baseball>AAA National League> Braves AAA Tournament Game Pirates Karl Elzinga Tournament Game 4  BL 
7:30p 9:15p CW >Baseball>AA American League> Royals Game White Sox   PK 
Request Foods Field 5:30p 7:15p CH, MH >Baseball>AAA National League> Mets AAA Tournament Game Padres Karl Elzinga Tournament Game 3   
7:30p 9:15p OT >Baseball>AA American League> Indians Game Red Sox    
Sara Lee Field 5:30p 7:15p BV, TB >Baseball>Majors> Orioles D9 Tournament Game Byron Township   
7:30p 9:15p BV, TB >Baseball>Majors> Athletics D9 Tournament Game Western   BL 
Zeeland Christian 6:00p 7:45p JB >Baseball>50/70> Dodgers D9 Tournament Game Georgetown   BS 
 Fri 06/21/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
AWAY GAME, AT OPPONENT 6:00p 7:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Orioles D9 Tournament Game Rockford E Rock MS #1  
Macatawa Bank Field 5:30p 7:15p EW, CW >Baseball>AAA American League> Red Sox AAA Tournament Game Rays Karl Elzinga Tournament Game 4   
Request Foods Field 5:30p 7:15p BM >Baseball>AAA American League> Tigers AAA Tournament Game Twins Karl Elzinga Tournament Game 3  EB 
Sara Lee Field 5:30p 7:15p BV, SD >Baseball>Majors> Tigers D9 Tournament Game TBD    
7:30p 9:15p BV, SD >Baseball>Majors> Yankees D9 Tournament Game Caledonia   MB 
Zeeland Christian 6:00p 7:45p CH, MH >Baseball>50/70> Dodgers D9 Tournament Game Georgetown CHAMPIONSHIP GAME  BS 
 Sat 06/22/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
AWAY GAME, AT OPPONENT 9:00a 10:45a  >Baseball>Majors> Tigers D9 Tournament Game Pinery Park Pinery Park #2   
9:30a 11:15a  >Baseball>Majors> Athletics D9 Tournament Game Georgetown Georgetown #11  BL 
10:00a 11:45a  >Baseball>Majors> Yankees D9 Tournament Game Western Western 1  MB 
Request Foods Field 9:00a 10:45a EW, BL >Baseball>Majors> Orioles D9 Tournament Game Holland   
 Sun 06/23/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
AWAY GAME, AT OPPONENT 1:00p 2:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Athletics D9 Tournament Game Allendale   BL 
1:00p 2:45p  >Baseball>Majors> Orioles D9 Tournament Game Northeastern