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Zeeland East and Zeeland West Varsity Coaches are putting on a variety of baseball and softball clinics this Fall and Winter. To see more details, click the link below!

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by posted 09/21/2020
ZLL Update on Season

UPDATE AS OF 5/29/2020

Members of Zeeland Little League, we unfortunately have reached a point where we are making the heartbreaking decision to cancel the Little League season. We appreciate everyone’s patience and encouragement as we held on hope, but due to the newest timeline of no youth programs being able to occur until at least July 6th, it is no longer feasible to have a Little League season this year. This decision by Zeeland Rec was made with guidance from the Government/Health officials, ZPS Admin, and in coordination with local Rec Depts and Little League organizations.

All families will be receiving refunds from Zeeland Rec. Please have continued patience with that, as they still have limited office availability and a lot of refunds to process.  

Although we will not have a typical Little League season, our ZLL Board is discussing informal baseball and softball opportunities we may attempt to offer later in the Summer. There would be no cost to participate, and we would host “Sandlot Games” for anyone interested. More details on this will be ironed out in the next few weeks, but we hope to play some ball if fields are available and as long as we can do it safely under the guidelines of Govt/Health officials and Zeeland Rec guidelines. The earliest this would start is July 6, and we will communicate those free opportunities to those enrolled in Little League at a later date.

As many other local leagues are also cancelling their season, the opportunity to play Fall Ball is still available through Hudsonville Little League. If you are interested, they will post more details in the coming weeks on their website: www.hudsonvillelittleleague.com. Keep in mind, ZLL is not involved in organizing or operating this league, but we do allow Zeeland players to sign up and participate!

We again want to thank everyone for bearing with us through this unprecedented time. Please stay safe, and we can’t wait to see some ball players whether that is this Summer or in 2021!

Brandon LaRosa

Zeeland Little League President

UPDATE AS OF 5/26/2020

We wanted to let you know that practices will NOT begin next week (June 1-6)We will be making an announcement on plans for the remainder of this season by the end of this week. Thank you for your patience as we are continuing to work with Govt/Health officials, ZPS administration, ZPS athletics, City of Zeeland officials, and local Recreation Departments on plans for all programs this summer.
Brandon LaRosa
Zeeland Little League President

UPDATE AS OF 5/1/2020

I am reaching out today to provide an update on the Zeeland Little League season. As you may have seen from communication from Zeeland Recreation, the earliest we will be able to start the season is June 1. With that being said, we are creating a schedule for our Majors and younger divisions that will last from June 1 through the last week of July. We hope to have that schedule posted on the website by May 4. For the 50/70 and Juniors divisions, we are coordinating with other leagues to still create an interleague schedule, and it is unknown at this time when we will know that schedule.

Little League International also announced yesterday that the Little League World Series has been cancelled at all levels, including the regional tournaments as well. They did state, however, that individual States and Districts may still have All-Stars and associated tournaments. Our District Administrator is evaluating whether there will be a District All-Star tournament, and at this point no decision has been made on how that would look. I do want to let everyone know that the priority in ZLL is to play our regular season and allow every kid to experience as full of a season as possible. We will not stop our season short in order to create All-Star teams. However, if the dates and proposed format of All-Stars fits into the ZLL schedule, we will provide those opportunities for our players that are interested. I expect more information on this topic in the coming weeks.

We are also reviewing the list from players that unfortunately had to drop from Little League, along with new players that are looking to get involved. We will be reaching out to coaches next week to let them know of roster changes as we also post the schedules. At this point, no players have been moved to different teams, and every team has an adequate number of players.

Finally, our Board is working on a Safety Plan that will coincide with starting up the season. We are reviewing other youth sports organizations’ plans, along with waiting for guidance from Little League International on how to ensure the safety of our players, fans, coaches, and volunteers. Once the plan is developed, we will share that with the rest of the league. We want to do everything we can to allow these kids to play ball and also make sure parents are comfortable with how we do that!

I want to thank everyone for their patience and encouragement in this unprecedented time. We are all hopeful we are able to play this season, and that we can be safe in doing so. Please encourage your kids to continue to work on their skills from home. I have enjoyed the videos sent to me so far, and would love to hear more from our Little Leaguers on what they are doing to stay ready! Continue to check our website for more drills they can do by CLICKING HERE.


Brandon LaRosa

Zeeland Little League President

by posted 05/01/2020
ZLL Update - Coronavirus

Update as of April 7, 2020:

Please read the following newsletter here: ZLL Update on Coronavirus

A copy of this letter is also below, but is easier to read by clicking the link.


Parents, it is difficult to turn the calendar over to April with so much uncertainty over the Little League season. It is our hope and mission that we are able to play ball as soon as it is safe to do so. The Zeeland Recreation department along with our ZLL Board have talked over the last week to put together as many contingency plans as possible. We tried our best to answer as many questions as we can, however, there are many questions that remain. Below is a summary of how ZLL is approaching this circumstance:


When will the Little League season start?

Giving a specific date would be irresponsible given the fluidness of the situation with this disease. We will allow teams to begin practice when it is safe to do so. We will follow guidelines from Ottawa County health officials, government officials, and Little League International. With that being said, our hope is to start practices May 11 at the earliest. This falls in line with the other District 9 Little Leagues, along with the Little League International recommendation to suspend activities until May 11. We will continue to talk as a Board to determine the practicality of that date. In following the guidelines mentioned earlier, we want to be flexible in the start of the season, which at the latest could be June 15. With a June 15 start, we could still fit in a normal amount of games through the Summer and end the season at the end of July with the potential to play the first week of August as well.

To summarize, the ZLL Season could start anywhere between May 11 and June 15. The season will end anywhere between July 15 – July 31 (with the potential to play the first week of August).


The proposed schedule will not work with my family, so how do I get a credit?

We understand the impact that this virus has taken on many families. The proposed schedule is not what everyone signed up for, and Zeeland Rec will issue credits for families that cannot make that work. To officially be unenrolled from Little League and receive a credit on your account, please fill out the form here: http://assn.la/UserForm.asp?RegID=201127&org=zeelandlittleleague.com. If you have multiple children that need to be unenrolled, please fill out the form for each child. This availability will last until April 30.

Due to the complexity of this, and limited resources due to building closures, this will be the best way for us to manage and process this information. Please do not email your request to a ZLL Board Member or Zeeland Recreation staff. If you need assistance, please call me at 616-403-5754 and I can help you!


Our family has something else going on this summer that would cause our child to miss a portion of the season, but can we still play?

YES! We are not holding anyone to any kind of attendance requirement. It is up to each family to determine what is best for them. If you stay enrolled in the program, then please participate as much as you are able. If you know ahead of time you will miss some games, we just ask that you notify your coach once the schedule is determined. We have a sub policy in place to allow kids from other teams to play when a team is missing their own players.


What will the schedule be, and how late will the season go?

It is our hope to play the full amount of games we originally scheduled for each division this season. That may mean having less practices, more weekend games, and more teams playing 3 games per week. The longer we are delayed, the more games and practices will be moved or cancelled. As soon as we have a start date that is more concrete, we will have a schedule released shortly thereafter. The season will end in mid-July at the earliest, and could last through the month of July. We will evaluate whether we can play in early August should that need arise by coordinating with other Zeeland Recreation Fall sports to make sure we are not impeding their schedule.

Ultimately, if it is determined we will not be able to play by June 15, then a true Little League season will not be able to happen. We will have more information about that should that become a reality. I will mention that our Board has already began discussing what we can do in July should Little League be cancelled.


I know someone whose season was cancelled; can they sign up for ZLL now?

YES! As we offer the credits to families currently enrolled, we will also reopen the waitlist through Zeeland Recreation for those hoping to play but are not enrolled. We will evaluate the waitlist along with the amount of kids that unenrolled to allow as many kids to play as possible. More information on the waitlist will come at a later time.


Will my kids’ team still be the same, or are rosters changing?

This will depend on the amount of families that decide to drop from ZLL, along with the amount of kids that are on the waitlist. We will evaluate rosters again at the end of April to determine the best course of action. We also must be mindful of coaches that request to leave, and the potential to need additional coaches. At the end of the day, we just want the kids to PLAY!


What is the status of post-season play, such as the D9 Tournament and All-Stars?

There are still a lot of unknowns regarding this subject. Little League International has stated they will be making adjustments on their All-Star eligibility requirements, along with the dates of all the various tournaments. As of now, however, there has been no official announcement with any details. We will pass along information as we receive it, but those things are ultimately out of our control. You can stay up to date on that news here: https://www.littleleague.org/player-safety/coronavirus-update/


I sincerely hope that you and your family remains healthy and safe through this time. So much has changed over these last few weeks, and that can take a toll on everyone in so many different ways. I know many kids (and parents) are missing the game and can’t wait to get onto the field again. I share in that feeling as well! I am thankful for this great community, and can’t imagine a better group of people to go through these trying times with. I look forward to the day we can finally play ball!


Brandon LaRosa

ZLL President


by posted 04/07/2020
ZLL Fundraising

As we plan for next Spring, our Board is working on a fundraising plan to help raise much needed money for ZLL. The money that is raised will go towards maintenance and upkeep of our amazing facilities (including the new Huizenga Park), along with much needed equipment upgrades for both softball and baseball programs. Before our fundraising committee starts approaching local businesses, we wanted to first reach out to the people who are currently involved with ZLL! If you, or the company you are part of, is interested in any of these opportunities, please email   to discuss more! Below are summaries of the 3 fundraising programs we are rolling out this Fall. Click on the bold text to view a flyer with more details on each program


Outfield Signs – Purchase a sign to be included on the outfield fence of any of the fields at Kaat Park and/or Huizenga Park. The cost is $1,200 per sign, and guaranteed to stay for 3 seasons. The signs are 4’ by 8’ and you can design your own, or we can help design it for you!


Huizenga Park Dugout Advertising Space and Naming Rights – Huizenga park will include 2 fields, which means there are 4 total dugouts at the facility. We are selling the 4’ by 12’ outside wall of the dugout to be used as advertising space along with naming rights. Pricing varies depending on commitment term (3 to 10 years) and number of dugouts (1-4). Please see the attachment on Huizenga Park Dugouts for more information!


Huizenga Park Scoreboard Advertising Space – Each field at Huizenga park will contain a scoreboard with advertising space located directly above the scoreboard. We are selling life-long advertising space for $8,000 for one scoreboard or $15,000 for both. We will work with you and our scoreboard manufacturer on final design specifications once the advertising space is secured. Also, please note that the flyer picture is just an example, and not the final design of the scoreboard. As mentioned, the advertising space will be on top of the scoreboard and built directly into the structure to ensure longevity.


Also of note, all companies that donate in any of the above options will have their logo featured on the ZLL website on a scroll at the top of the page and listed under the “Sponsors” tab.

by posted 10/03/2019
July 2019 Newsletter

Click HERE to view the July 2019 Newsletter, or click HERE to download a microsoft word version.

by posted 06/18/2019
April 2019 Newsletter

View our April 2019 Newsletter HERE or download a Word version HERE.

by posted 04/19/2019
Parent Volunteers

If any parents want to help their teams at practices and/or games, the ZLL policy is to complete the coach registration the same as our other volunteer coaches. To get the process started, CLICK HERE and fill out the form. You will recieve an email with instructions to get the process started. If you have any questions, !

by posted 04/02/2019
March 2019 Newsletter

View our March 2019 Newsletter HERE! or download a word version HERE!

by posted 03/28/2019
Parent Meeting

Zeeland Little League hosted a parent meeting on February 26 at 7:00PM at Loker's Auditorium. The information is intended for anyone who has registered their child in Zeeland Little League, which includes baseball and softball! The topics for the meeting include information on divisions of play, ZLL policies for the season, parent expectations, All-Star teams, and more! For a copy of the material that was presented, you can view just the presentation slides here, or you can watch the video in full here. The audio on the presentation is a little choppy, and we apologize for that, but if you have any questions about the information

by posted 03/01/2019
New Online Store

Zeeland Little League has launched a new online store! Buy gear to represent Zeeland Little League and help support the program! Use promo code PLAY10 for 10% off your order, which will ship to your address within two weeks of purchase. A percentage of all purchases will go towards the Zeeland Little League Equipment Fund, which we use to purchase equipment for our players. Visit our store HERE

by posted 11/12/2018
Welcome to ZLL's New Website

Welcome to the new Zeeland Little League website. Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our club.

by posted 09/13/2018
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